Laser Lipo and How it Works?

Laser Lipo with Zero Drugs, Zero Surgery, Zero Pain

◾️$89 SPECIAL - One Laser Lipo Session (up to two body areas) with Leg Compression, & One Whole-Body Vibration (Original Value $350).
BODY CONTOURING SERVICES◾️Three Laser Lipo Sessions (up to two body areas) with Leg Compression, & Three Whole-Body Vibrations.
◾️Six Laser Lipo Sessions (up to two body areas) with Leg Compression, Six Whole-Body Vibrations & Full Body Composition Analysis with Consultation. ◾️ Full Body Composition Analysis with Consultation◾️ Full body wrap treatment: arms, legs, and abdomen with firming cream in waistline area ◾️ Lymphatic system cleansing◾️ Leg compression only - without Laser Lipo (only in limited timeframes)
ADDITIONAL SERVICES◾️ Face mask to stimulate collagen production and skin affirmation◾️ Lymphatic Drainage◾️ Vacutherapy◾️ Cast Therapy◾️ Wood Therapy◾️ Facial demo

Through clinical studies, it has been demonstrated that the low-level laser stimulates the fat cell to emulsify (liquefy) the fat and toxins within the cell. Then the liquefied fat moves from inside the cell through a temporary pore formed in the cell membrane to outside the cell where it is in the interstitial space until absorbed by the lymphatic system. This results in millions of fat cells becoming smaller so inches are reduced. The fat cells are not injured in any way by this process. The fat cell does not go away and can be filled back up if a proper diet is not continued (as with liposuction).

This is Safe - It is a NON-INVASIVE procedure, PAIN-FREE with ZERO SIDE EFFECTS

This new Laser Lipo technology gives you hope. Have you felt frustrated you haven't lost those 7-23 inches doing diet and exercise? Lost hope? And when you see the fat come off quickly, you will have hope and be more inspired to make the changes you know you should be doing. Not to mention the health benefits of losing weight.

  • Hope for people who exercise and eat right, but still have those problem areas this can spot reduce trouble areas.
  • Hope for people who diet and exercise, but it doesn't seem to help them lose weight and they lose motivation to continue.
  • Hope for people with cellulite - to smooth out the skin.
  • Hope for people with excess skin, after losing weight, and they don't want to go in for surgery.
  • Hope for people who want to see immediate results - for the motivation to make lasting lifestyle changes.

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ISbahée LIFE

As a pay-it-forward advocate, IS-bahée-LIFE is a wellness initiative intended to bring community together in connection to health, empowerment, and transformation.

This is an innovative community-oriented approach to personal growth and healing, in which alternative tools are provided to transform and empower lives. IS-bahée-LIFE is a chance to empower health & growth in a new direction by sharing our community's talents to achieve specific personal goals and preserve healthier lifestyles.

With the introduction of a non-invasive equipment system that is designed to help people lose between 2-8 dress/pant sizes in 42 days guaranteed, IS-bahée-LIFE is positioning itself as a pioneer of accessible Laser Lipo innovative technology in the Twin Cities.

How the Fat is Released, From The Fat Cells with the Laser Light

Yes, it works. We have a double satisfaction pledge to back it up. But first, how it works: The laser process is almost exactly the same as exercise, only instead of hormones opening the fat cells (as with exercise), the laser light opens the fat cells right through your skin!

Is Laser Lipo Safe? YES!

Do I have to do other things to lose the fat?

Only for greater results - 7 inches total without changes, 18-23 inches with major lifestyle changes, like diet and exercise we have support if you choose to change your life while doing the sessions.

What do you do to keep the fat off?

Normal things you need to keep weight off - diet and exercise, drinking water, etc.

Where Does the Fat Go?

That fat can be burned as energy in the body, or normal metabolic processing - just like when you exercise and release fat.

How Quickly Will I See Results?

97% of clients see measurable results after  their first session.

What Kind of Results are Produced?

12.25 inches AVERAGE. The most lost in 18 sessions are 23 inches. People who make minor lifestyle changes are on the higher end of the average and those who don't are on the lower end.

How many times do I need it?

9-18 sessions take an average of 7-23 inches total, respectively - how much fat do you want to lose?

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