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Treated like a person, not just a patient, by kind and caring medical providers eager to help you heal

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Abundant Health, the premier spot for healing in Davenport, Iowa, is now offering WOUND CARE! When you are healing from a long-term wound, you should have easy access to professional medical providers who are interested in helping you heal!  That is why our mission is to treat you like a person, not just a patient, and provide the optimal environment in which to heal your wounds.

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We believe people feel better faster when they receive high-quality care in a comfortable place, provided by friendly, caring and highly-trained medical providers!

What we Treat at Abundant Health Wound Care

Abundant Health's Wound Care can treat almost any stubborn and chronic wound that needs more help than just time in order to heal. Some of the most popular wounds we treat are burns, chronic ulcers, diabetic wounds and more! We can also help speed up healing on wounds that are taking a while to heal. Advanced wounds require advanced care – and there is no wound care more advanced in Davenport, IA than Abundant Health!

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